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Thai Massage for the Table creates a partnership between you, your client, and the movements of this flowing modality. This Table Thai course offers a unique fusion of Eastern techniques presented in a format that is friendly to the Western practitioner. Thousands of years of Asian tradition meet modern ergonomics and body mechanics to give you techniques that are creative, versatile, and powerful.

With Thai Massage for the Table, you’ll learn a modality that’s safe, effective, fun to perform, and in-demand!

Nayada’s BodySaver MethodTM enhances the best Thai massage workshops, traditional Thai massage, allowing you to perform the authentic techniques of this modality with less strain and a reduced risk of injury. With Thai Massage for the Table, you won’t need to climb onto the table or floor to offer traditional techniques. You’ll use a natural rocking motion to avoid the stretch reflex, allowing your clients to relax and move with you while leveraging your body weight and momentum to power the best Thai massage workshops and massage without strain.

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Spiral Bound, Ebook – Prone, Ebook – Side-Lying, Ebook Supine, BUNDLE (Ebook Prone + Side-Lying + Supine), DELUXE BUNDLE (Ebook Prone + Side-Lying + Supine) + Companion DVD Digital Download


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