Hot Stone Massage as a Way of Relaxing: A Step-By-Step Guide Followed

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Like all other different massage techniques, hot stone massage also has the tendency to relieve soreness and ease tension in the body’s muscles. The hot stones affixed to the individual’s body penetrate profoundly and apply the therapeutic forces of manipulation. The hot stone massage or technique therapy has grown popular within the last 5-10 years. However, recently it has emerged as the rage in spas as well as famous therapeutic centers.

Hot stone massage therapy is an ancient technique connected to ancient Mayan practices. As per different sources, hot stone therapy dates back 5000 years to the Ayurveda, an old Indian healing tradition. This envisioned energy is termed “prana” or the “breath of life.” Years back, yogis used this energy through breathing techniques, exercise, and massage to heal and grow longevity.

If you’ve been using hot stone therapy for a while now, you must have heard your therapists using Indian terms like chakras, the body’s seven energy centers, slightly related to acupuncture nodes. The yogis also used “items” from the ground, like herbs, crystals, flowers, and stones. Previously as well

the stones have remained in hot stone massage, and the heated stone massage is still a comparatively new massage therapy. People may be a little wary of what is entailed in the hot stone technique.

Even if you have tried this therapy, you may keep on wondering whether your therapist performed the massage correctly. With this post, we have come up with a brief, step-by-step breakdown of what to expect from your therapist when you schedule an appointment for a hot stone massage. Read on!


Step 1

The stones are volcanic basalt which is usually sourced from beaches/ shores. When you step into your Nayada Institute therapist’s massage room, you will see they have already heated around 48 and 56 stones of different dimensions between 130 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit in an explicitly designed water heater. The temperature of stones must be between 130 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit so that it’s neither too cold nor too hot.

Harmful bacteria may form if the water is too cold, and the client will complain vociferously if it’s too hot. In most instances, our therapist places 8 flat stones in pairs on the massage table that precisely aligns with your spine when you lie down. A linen cloth or towel is placed between you and the hot stones. For offering a better experience, a range of many massage oils are kept.

Step 2

Once you lie down on the table stones bracketing your spine, the therapist starts with massaging your face with a sheer oil coating and places a small massage stone on both cheeks. One is placed below your lip and another on the forehead, marking the “third eye,” betraying the Indian roots of therapy.

Step 3

Next, oil massaging in your legs one at a time, then using a well-sized massage stone, the therapist will rub each side of your leg. The pressure amount implemented on the hot stone technique will rest on you. The harder the pressure is, the more intensely the muscles are impacted. After the therapist is done with your legs, they will put a small stone between each of your toes.

Step 4

Now, with the help of medium stones, the arms will be oiled and massaged. After both the arms are completed, the therapist will place a warm massage stone on both palms.

Step 5

The therapist will take off the stones from the palms, face, and between the toes after the arms are completed. Now, the therapist will ask you to turn over to remove the eight spinal stones. Oil is massaged onto your back at this point. Paying attention to acupressure points, your therapist will massage with long strokes using a hot stone. It’s now time to put a hot stone on both shoulders, one on each scapular region and another on the sacrum or lower back.

Step 6

After the back, now it’s time to uncover your legs and place stones below the buttocks, the knees’ back, and the calves to help draw out any lingering tenseness in the legs.

Step 7

Now it’s the turn of the neck and shoulders. Therapists will massage the neck and shoulders, and lastly, the scalp.

Step 8

The last step in our hot stone therapy is the removal of all the stones, and our therapist will go over your back & leg region with a nerve stroke with the help of the tips of the fingers.

Final Words

Hopefully, this post has successfully elaborated the procedure we follow while offering hot stone massage. Moreover, we provide a range of other therapies as well like BodySaver™ “No Thumbs” Massage, Thai for the Table, Bamboo massage, etc. Your health and well-being are what we aspire to care about.