Traditional Thai Massage Certification

For a modality that allows you to offer range of motion work, energy balancing, and a fully clothed, no oil massage, through flowing, therapeutic dance, look no further than Thai Massage! We offer a thorough grounding in this ancient modality with a two-part live course that adds over 170 movements to your repertoire. You’ll learn to work on clients in supine, seated, prone, and side-lying positions, as well as learning Sen Line therapy (energy meridians).

Derived from the traditional techniques taught at the Institute of Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand, this intensive course will give you the tools you need to offer authentic Thai massage with a modern advantage. The Nayada Institute has applied its revolutionary BodySaver Method to this modality to reduce your strain and injury as you perform these deeply relaxing, Yoga-like techniques upon your clients. You’ll learn to apply your Power Tools—such as your knees, knuckles, forearms, and fists—in accordance to the Principles of Longevity, which extend and enhance your massage career.

Thai Massage offers a host of benefits for your clients. It includes range of motion techniques that increase flexibility and reduce joint pain, making it a great option for athletes and the aging. You can expand your clientele by adding a no oil, fully clothed option to your offerings. In addition, Thai Massage can be combined with your other modalities to offer the ultimate in therapeutic massage.

The techniques learned in this comprehensive training will allow you to perform up to a three hour session. The creative movements of Thai massage are fun to do, and while offering this massage you’ll experience a flow between yourself and the client that feels more like dance or Tai Chi than a typical massage. This movement powers the massage, allowing you to deliver more effective pressure while allowing your client to relax more deeply.

This course also qualifies for a total of 54 CEUs, 30 in Supine part of the training and 24 in the Prone & Side Lying part of the training, with the following organizations:

  • Supine: 30 NCBTMB or FSMTA CEs
  • Prone & Side Lying: 24 NCBTMB or FSMTA CEs

Expand your career, your creativity, your clientele, and your money-earning potential: register to train for your Thai Massage Certification today! Check out our schedule for available course dates.