Testimonials: the Hot Stone Accu-Roller

I work in an outpatient orthopedic clinic where I predominantly treat musculoskeletal conditions. My treatments consist mainly of manual methods. I use the Hot Stone Accu-Roller in just about every treatment as a way to perform soft tissue mobilization techniques. This device allows me to use pressure along with heat/cold (depending on the physiological response that I choose) to mobilize any soft tissue restriction. This device allows me to quickly alternate from the roller to using the acupressure pins to treat trigger points or more specific soft tissue restrictions. It not only makes my treatments more efficient by saving time but also prevents wear and tear on my joints.

Luis Daguiar
Physical Therapist
Buffalo, NY

From the first time I used the Nayada Hot Stone Accu-Roller I was impressed with its functional design and the obvious therapeutic benefit of having both thermal therapy and cryotherapy rolling options. The solid framework gives a sense of structural integrity and can be modified to fit any body type or body size. This amazing tool can also be used to perform deep tissue and acupressure techniques. The creative possibilities are limitless and will withstand thousands of hours of therapeutic use.

George Kousaleos, LMT
Founder of CORE Institute
Developer of CORE Myofascial Therapy

I have been doing a lot of “Restorative Thai Yoga Massage” (that’s what I’m calling it) and your roller is a big hit. I use it in a lot of my sessions and it’s been a real release for my back after a busy day … It’s awesome.

Lori Chamberland, Founder
Balance Relaxation Therapy
Ottawa, ON Canada


To purchase the Nayada Hot Stone Accu-Roller, click here. If you have questions, feel free to email info@nayadausa.com or call (855) 462-9232 and we will respond promptly.

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